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If you know you are a skilled person. But you don’t know how to sell your skills in the online market. You are in the right place because we are here to help you with this. We will be telling you about 10 Best Freelance Copywriting Platforms, your marketplace where you can sell your skill and generate your income.

Nowadays, owning your physical workplace is a challenging process. You’ll need enough capital to start your setup, the equipment, location for the workplace. This is a costly path towards selling your skill. Whereas with the advancements in technology, many Freelance Copywriting Platforms are introduced where you won’t need any investment to start selling your talent. In other words, you own a Store in the market by just signing up. The businesses and people who need to hire a person with some specific skill hire you directly. 

Now let’s come to those Freelance copywriting platforms where you can sell what you own. 

Freelance Copywriting Platforms | Best Freelance Copywriting Platforms

Among dozens of those freelance copywriting platforms, these are the best 10 selected for those who want to generate their income without waiting for weeks before getting their first project. And the most attractive thing for me about these Freelance Copywriting Platforms is this you can work from anywhere in the world, no matter what your work type is. Another best thing about these Freelance Copywriting Platforms is that there is no specific time for you to work. Work whenever you want to work from where ever you want to work.


Fiverr is known to be the most well-known online market for freelancing and copywriting. Fiverr is where you can sell your gigs. You can hire freelancers and be a freelancer for people to hire you for their work. 

There are a few basic steps to create your free account, and after that, you are good to go and make your online store on an online marketplace.

Fiverr is free to join, and the good thing about Fiverr is this you can create almost any type of gig and post it to the market.

I’ve kept Fiverr on number 1 in Freelance Copywriting Platforms because of its comforts for its users. Plus, how much time you want to work and how much you earn depends on you.

Best Freelance Copywriting Platforms


Contently is another excellent platform where freelancers can work with top brands to create high-quality projects that pay well.

Many people love working on contently due to its outstanding quality.

Contenly is the best way to maintain a creative freelancing career as Erica Swallow, a famous content & marketing director, a startup mentor, and a freelancer said:

Contently is the best way to maintain an active, creative freelance career. Period”

If you are a freelancer working with another freelancing platform with freelance writing as your niche, Then CONTENTLY is the thing just made for you. Contently is not any typical platform; it connects its users to big-name international companies and brands. You can work with these companies and get yourself enough experience and build your portfolio.

But there is one con about contently: you’ve to prove yourself to them first. You cannot offer your services directly to those big companies. There are talent counts in Contently, which searches your profile and portfolio and then sees which company or brand you fit best with. Once selected, you are good to go.


Upwork acts as a fantastic platform for freelancers to start working with big organizations around the globe. Many freelancers working in the content writing niche are earning thousands of dollars working on Upwork. It is easy to operate and efficient because Upwork likes to keep things, clients. Whether you are selling or buying, each detail about the other person is visible and open to you. For example, the client’s payment method, Freelancers Feedback, the clients hiring rate, and the average rate they pay. And the same goes for sellers.

To join up work is an easy process and is not like contently. Just create your free account, enter all your skills and then search for the jobs you want. Upwork gives you connections to bid for work and send the hiring company your sample work. 


Freelancer.com is also one of the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platforms on the web. They connect almost 247 countries digitally. If you are a freelancer, you can connect with employers using this platform. If you are in a copywriting niche, finding long-term projects on Freelancer.com is not a complicated task, and anyone with good language skills can easily win projects.


Flexjobs has more than 30,000 jobs available in different kinds of niches, including content writing. Flexjob has a significant priority on job accuracy and provides various types of job opportunities from many countries around the globe.

 They ensure a trustworthy environment specifically for freelancers and copywriters. They keep a strict check on the jobs posted and the companies posting those jobs. Also, by using their search tool, you can easily find the most relevant position for you. Instead of scrolling through many irrelevant jobs that don’t match the work preference suitable for you, you can use their search tool to find a perfectly reasonable position.

 The most important thing about this platform is that. There is a lot less competition with thousands of jobs because of its paid subscription for freelancers.


Guru found its place at number 6th in Freelance Copywriting Platforms because of its 800,000 customers worldwide. It also has a customer satisfaction rate of approximately 99%.

Freelancers working in different niches find projects on Guru.com.

Similarly, content writers from around the globe are also finding copywriting-related projects on guru.com. 

The most important and beneficial feature of Guru is it allows you to collaborate and add up other freelancers and copywriters to your freelancing team and also allows you to track your team and individual progress.

They have free membership, and with it, you can send out 10 bids per month. But if you want to get their paid membership, it starts at no more than 11 USD per month. There are a lot of features open for their paid members. First of which is they stand out from the crowd with little competition.

We Work Remotely

WWR (we work remotely) claims to be the largest freelancing market globally, with millions of jobs available. 

This platform’s primary focus is to provide remote employment. The contract job option is for freelancers to find a range of jobs with high-end companies like Google and Amazon. The advanced search option is more user-friendly than many other job boards.

 It helps you narrow your search to the best jobs suited and available for you. Unlike Dribble and Guru, many other platforms, this freelancing platform allows you to look and apply to any job that catches your interest without any paid subscription. So, finding content writing jobs has never been easier before.


Aquent found its place on number 8th in Freelance Copywriting Platforms because sometimes a freelancer doesn’t have time to search for jobs because of the workload. It also allows you to have someone to do the work of finding you great clients. This option is not available on other platforms.

Aquent uses artificial intelligence to match freelancers in different categories to potential clients looking for quick hiring for long-term projects. 

This platform works as a middle man for you and your client. It can be beneficial in finding out about content writing-related projects. It’s hard to find new projects while working on different projects because you won’t have much time, but this platform helps you resolve that issue and helps you get more and more clients without spending much time.


TextBroker has excellent quality because they vet freelance writers to make them better at their work. Then they give the freelancers tons of projects because they operate on a large-scale agency. 

They offer jobs like blogs, web copy, and other writing jobs. 

One of their most significant claims is they deliver more than 100k orders per month.

Signing it is entirely free, and you get the work on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also join teams of other writers to get hired directly.


Last but not least, MediaBistro is a job board for those looking forward to working with media companies. The TV channels like HBO, media sites, and old school newspapers like daily mail are some companies you can work with.  

This platform is more of a job board where big brands get their work done and hire you to work for them. So you’ll be sending a lot of resumes to get a job with those big brands.

So these were the 10 Best Freelance Copywriting Platforms for you to choose between them and start selling your skill as a freelancer in the open digital market. 

Choose and tell in the comment section which platform you chose and why does it suit you? 

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