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It encompasses the number of strategies used to Drive your product to the top. In other words, you must use keywords and match the relevancy to the buyer’s typed keyword to rank higher and get more sales and conversion rates.

AMAZON SEO: Drive your product at the top


There are three strategies and tips to rank higher and improve the listing organically. I have discussed this topic in previous tips too, but I will discuss it in more detail here. Amazon uses the algorithm A9 to rank the products. It primarily uses four factors to rank the product; used keywords, click-through rate, listing conversion rate, and reviews. These are crucial things you must keep in mind to analyze how Amazon analyses the listing truly.


You want to use the correct keywords that are relevant to the product in your listing so people can find it easily. Amazon wants you to entice the listing, so people click on it when they see it, increasing the conversion rate. Solving people’s queries is the main aim of Amazon FBA. Lastly, people coming back to say that the product is good will get you rewarded by Amazon.

Let’s get into the three strategies of the ultimate guide to becoming a successful Amazon FBA business Search Engine Optimizer.

1. Keyword Research | AMAZON SEO: Drive your product to the top

The first step, in my opinion, is to do proper keyword research. Finding keywords that are most relevant to the product is the key to Drive your product to the top.

keyword research

Some words are frequently used over thirty days; these frequently searched keywords are called search volume. You have to find keywords that have a high search volume, but how? Use a keyword research tool like AMZScout, which offers a wide range of aspects for which the keyword is being used, like search volume, reverse ASIN, clicks, conversion rate, and more.

keyword reasearch

What is the right way to use keywords in the listing?

After getting the right keywords, you must use them in the following three main areas to optimize the listing and rank higher to get more traffic organically.

  • Product Title: must ensure that the title contains the primary keyword. Use additional keywords without exceeding 200 characters.
  • Product Features: Use bullet points at the top of your listing and add primary keywords. Moreover, add long-tail keywords as they have less competition, as discussed in the previous tips.
  • Product Description: Use keywords throughout the descriptive text and ensure that there is no stuffing of keywords. Keep it natural and organic as it affects the ranking too. Lastly, diversify the keywords and don’t use the same keyword repeatedly as it leaves a negative impact. Amazon may penalize you for spamming keywords in the content. Remember, you are selling it to a human being, so make it readable.

1 . Backend Keywords

These keywords are only visible to you but are additional crawlable opportunities to help tell Amazon’s algorithm that your product is relevant to specific keywords not in the product description or title or the visible part of the product listing.

Backend Keywords

The thing is that there is a limit to how many backend keywords you can include, so to make the most of it, let’s look at the dos and don’ts for using this Amazon feature:

  • Stay below 250 bytes which is approximately equal to 250 characters
  • Add synonyms, spelling variations, and abbreviations but don’t worry about common misspellings. 
  • Don’t repeat words; instead, use diversity to target more keywords.
  • Don’t use misleading or irrelevant words. Therefore, don’t abuse it.
  • Don’t worry about readability, as these are meant to be read by bots and not humans. Moreover, don’t use prepositions or other words that take up space focus on backend keywords only and utilize the space to the utmost.
  • Don’t violate Amazon’s search terms which means do not include your brand or competitors in search terms, don’t include ASINs in search terms, and don’t use temporary statements like the words “New” or phrase “On Sale Now” or subjective claims.

3. Quality Photography

You need a quality image to attract buyers, which ultimately increases the conversion rate.

quality photography

The following points should be kept in mind when taking a product picture.

  • The main picture must have a white background and no other accessories.
  • 85% of the image should be filled by the product.
  • There should be no watermarks or logos, and no text is preferred. Although text can be added, only that used in the product description can be added.
  • The picture must have 500 pixels on the shortest side and 1000 pixels on the longest side.
  • No image should exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side
  • TIFF and GIF are supported, but JPEG is preferred.
  • Amazon allows users to upload seven pictures, including the main photo. The explanatory video can be added in the slot of an image. It is recommended to use all seven slots.

So, these are some instructions that we should follow to Drive your product to the top. If you want to learn more about amazon, then check this out amazon FBA.