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Create Bundle Listing On Amazon Main Strategy

If you have ever ordered a combo deal at a restaurant, you are already familiar with the concept of bundling strategy. Bundle deals are more convenient as it is easy to ask for a combo deal rather than asking for fries, drinks, and burgers separately. 

The bundle strategy is more demanding because it costs less than buying all the items individually, which makes it a tempting deal for customers. For sellers, it’s the most helpful way to boost their sales.

The bundle deals favour both; the customer and the seller. The customer gets more reasonable values and convenience, and sellers might win the buy box from Amazon, profit from low-value items, and speedily sell slow Inventory.

Selling bundles on Amazon has become the most favoured method by customers for sellers to drive online sales successfully.

Even if you are a beginner on Amazon, you can increase your sales quickly by offering creative bundle deals.

This article is going to be a detailed guide on bundling lists on Amazon. We are going to explain the following components in detail:

  • What are Amazon Product Bundles?
  • How to create Bundle Listing on Amazon?
  • The pros and cons of Bundling Products
  • How to price your Amazon Product bundle?

What are Amazon Product Bundles?

Create Bundle Listing On Amazon

An Amazon product bundle comprises two or more single items with a unique UPC/ASIN. The items in the bundle should complement each other. They should also be related to other products in the bundle, so they should be convenient for those buying them in a bundle.

The number of items in a bundle should range from 2 to 5.

The bundling strategy is not only for big brands; third-party sellers can buy products at wholesale prices, create a new UPC for them, label them with their brand name, and package them all together.

For example, the brand Bath & Body Works has created bundles with a scent, lotion, and shower gel, all with similar scents. It is the perfect example of product bundling according to consumer demand.

How To Create Bundle Listing On Amazon?

Create Bundle Listing On Amazon

Here’s a perfect step to step guide about how to create a bundle listing on Amazon:

  • The primary requirement for creating a bundle is a new listing. Multiple listings can not be merged into one bundle.
  • Amazon sees the entire bundle as a single item, so there should be a new unique UPC for it. To eliminate this issue, you can submit a GTIN exemption, which allows a new listing to be made without a new UPC.
  •  If all the products in your bundle belong to the same brand, use that brand’s name to submit an exertion request. Otherwise, list the bundle as generic. There’s a GTIN exemption link within the inventory section of your Seller Central account where you can look for updates.
  • After completing this step, log in to your Seller Central account and select the “create a new listing” option.
  • Now, you would be able to create a new list with all its features as you usually do.
  • Next up, click on Inventory. Add a product and start creating your listing. Select the Add Product option to add more products and create a bundle.
  • Pick an appropriate category for your bundle under which your GTIN exemption has been approved.

Recommendations for Amazon Product Bundles

There are a few guidelines and recommendations you must stick to while creating Amazon bundles; they are as follow:

Which Products Are Suited For Amazon Bundles?

Create Bundle Listing On Amazon
  • The products in the bundle should harmonize with each other.
  • The primary products in the bundle cannot be from the video game sort. Video games, books or DVDs can be included as secondary products if they complement the primary product.
  • Duplicate items or pre-packaged items are not termed as a bundle.
  • You can only change a bundle if you repeatedly create a new product listing, so ensure to include evergreen products rather than seasonal demanded items.
  • Please don’t include generic products because Amazon doesn’t want them to be confused with brand products. However, you can have items from different brands in your bundle.

Categorizing The Product Bundles

  • Even if bundles contain products from different categories, the bundle will still fall under one category. If a bundle contains products from different categories, then the bundle will fall under the category of highest priced item.

Conditions For Listing Page

  • The term “Bundle” should be included in the product title of your listing. 
  • The title should also include the name of the products in your bundle. If it contains a few items, you can mention them in the title; otherwise, mention the primary products and write the total number of items.
  • While writing the description, the first bullet point should mention that product is a bundle and write the names of each product individually.
  • Each product in the bundle should be visible in the main image.
  • Bundle titles should not contain more than 200 characters.

The Pros And Cons Of Bundling Products

Here are a few pros and cons of Amazon product bundles:

  • Without launching any new product, you will get a new listing in Amazon’s catalogue.
  • Even if the products in the bundle are discounted, a bundle means a higher average order value.
  • Amazon fulfil users know that amazon charges FBA fees for one item rather than each item separately, as Amazon sees a bundle as a single item. This can highly increase your profit margins.
  • You can fasten your slow-moving Inventory by bundling products you can’t get rid of with popular products.
  • No competition for the buy box.
  • Once a bundle is created, you can not alter it. You will have to create a new listing again.
  • To resell as a wholesaler in your state, you will need a license or certificate.
  • Bundle ASINs have separate reviews and ratings from the items in the bundle. Reviews of products in the bundle won’t transfer to the bundle. So sellers will have to create totally new reviews.

Guide To Sell Wholesale Bundles On Amazon

Create Bundle Listing On Amazon

Selling Wholesale products on Amazon is the easiest way to launch a brand-new self-labelled product. If you are already buying and selling wholesale products, then wholesale bundles are also a good option.

Here’s a little step to step guide:

  • You should start by determining and choosing a brand that makes a lot of profit on Amazon.
  • You simply have to open a wholesale account with that brand’s name and resell the same products on Amazon. There’s no need to launch a new product or create a new listing.
  • Then you just have to compete with other sellers for the same listing. The competition is very high so work hard on your marketing.

How To Price Your Amazon Product Bundle?

Create Bundle Listing On Amazon

Pricing your Amazon product bundle is a whole task.

Using Amazon FBA bundling calculators is the best while pricing multiple products together in a bundle. These calculators are available on Amazon and are accurate.

You can also use different tools to help you price multiple products while creating a bundle, such as SupplySpy is software that lets you upload a list of products and price them according to a bundle.

These tools will automatically calculate and leave space for you to adjust the price according to your profit. Once you put your products, the software will suggest complementary products. These tools are handy and will make the seller’s life very easy.

Amazon FBA Fees in USA

To Conclude

Amazon will always be giant in competition no matter what item or business strategy you choose. But bundling products on Amazon that are tailor-made for your customer needs and requirements will take your sales to another level. It’s a fantastic way to stand out from your competitors. Following our guide will help you create bundle listings and earn a good profit.

Best of luck!


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