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The best way to succeed in Amazon FBA business is to Hunt Profitable Amazon FBA Products. Finding the right product is crucial, but what’s more important is focusing on one product. Amazon product hunting Beginners are encouraged by this Amazon FBA tip since they work under a new brand name or as resellers. Investing as a beginner is riskier, and diversified attention can get you sidetracked. Moreover, it is a trial product from which you will learn everything about the business of Amazon FBA.


Try selling from within the core categories or from bestselling rank. I would recommend that following shouldn’t be your first trial product:

  • No Fragile Products: It might require some sort of warranty; the shipping process is not gentle. Therefore, you might be liable for reimbursing the customer if the product arrives damaged.
  • Electronic Products: Even if you have sampled the product, you don’t have long-term reliability. Indeed, electronic products have given people massive success but are a risk.
  • No Patent’s Product: Ensure no licensed photo or trademark is used; otherwise, all the money is lost before the game begins.
  • No Big/Heavy Product: This will affect the shipping rates from overseas to Amazon’s warehouse and Amazon FBA fee. Try choosing from the light and small products that occupy less space and cost less for shipping.

Infinite demand is a concept when a unique product is launched in the market with minimum to no competition, resulting in increased turnover. The proprietary category has the highest demand compared to the private labelling and reselling category. It is because the seller can bring innovation to the market, owning the product and owning the brand with no restriction of trademark or copyrights issue.


Now that we have known the basics of product research, it is time to strengthen the roots by going through the five ways to hunt and succeed in a product search.

1. Finding Profitable Products Using Opportunity Finder

It is similar to a product database except that it doesn’t show products but the product niches. You can use the filter option to help find the best-suited niche according to your requirement.

As the done button is clicked, the opportunity finder takes you through multiple niches and to the search results page for the niche. It shows the units sold, average price, search volume, seasonality, top products, and more for the selected product category.

2. Profitable High Sale Products but Low Ratings

The logic is quite simple; there is a product with bad reviews but still, high sales, meaning that you can hunt that product and launch an improved version to get infinite demand. To find these products, use Jungle Scout’s Product Database and enter a maximum rating of 3.5 – 3.7.

Start hunting by applying the filter and ensure that the selected product can be manufactured within your investment and time range.

3. Hunt High Sales but Poor Listing and Few Reviews

The listing of the product should be improved by ranking the main keywords. To search such products, check for listing quality score (1-10), an in-house algorithm that determines the quality of listings based on the quality of the images, title, bullet points, and product description.

4. Low Costs and High-Profit Margin

To find these products, go to Jungle Scout’s Product Database or any other database you are acquainted with and use the net profit filter. Enter at least a minimum of $15. It is important to note that the net profit calculation doesn’t include the cost of manufacturing the product, giving a fair profit margin. You may experiment too by changing the minimum value.

5. Barely Oversized Products

The idea is simple: find such products and reduce their size to avoid paying the oversized storage and shipping fees. You can make products smaller using a different material or minimising the packaging. Oversized items usually have low competition and thus could be a great kick-start for the business.

Following the five ways above, you can Hunt Profitable Amazon FBA Products. If you are a beginner in Amazon FBA, then Feel free to check our detailed article on Top Amazon FBA Business Categories in the US- Which One to choose in 2022


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