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To get leads as a freelance graphic designer, we basically need to understand the work of graphic designing. Graphic designing includes developing and promoting a diversity of materials, including websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and logos, etc. Graphic designers are in great demand and are highly paid for nowadays. The profession circumscribes a wide range of occupations. Due to its high demand, we have written a detailed article explaining how to generate leads as a freelance graphic designer.

Here are ten ways to generate leads as a Freelance Graphic Designer. 

1. Create your own Identity | Leads as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Creating your own identity means starting with a solid brand identity of your own. We only get one chance to leave a mark. Not only should you come up with the idea of a fresh brand, but also be consistent in evaluating your brand identity to confirm that your brand is up to date. 

Social media also plays a massive role in enlarging your work. Make your account on different social apps and be regular with posting new and entertaining content, which is also helpful for your followers. Teach them little tips and tricks in the most amusing way, and you will have your small followership.

create own brand identity

If you are interested in knowing more about how to market yourself as a freelance graphic designer, then you can read our detailed article about marketing as a freelance designer.,

2. Business cards | Leads as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Sometimes, the world or need for graphic design will take you out of your house and put you into conferences, meetings, and other events where networking is essential. At such times, it’s helpful to have a lot of business cards with you, reminding people to know you and your work life.

business cards

Furthermore, don’t forget to be creative while designing your business cards. Also, leave an active number on your business card. Make sure that you’re easy to get in touch with. Most importantly, don’t make potential clients work harder than necessary to get in touch with you.

3. Create good content as a freelance graphic designer

Creating valuable content is one of the most crucial ways to get new clients. Writing blogs on your account, providing samples of your work and logos etc. or providing content that will attract your potential clients is a fantastic way to create your professional reputation.

creating useful content

Writing articles about graphic design topics is a fantastic way to have clients find you. This would help you a lot in promoting and expanding your work. Local businesses and pages looking for design work will likely come across your website. In addition to this, you might also receive more backlinks from other quality publishers.

4. Ask for reviews

If your clients are satisfied with your work, ask them for ratings and recommendations because obviously most clients look for ratings and reviews on the creator’s profile. Trust me; good ratings can take you a long way. Ask your clients to drop good reviews and 5-star ratings on your profile. Ask clients for testimonies and feedback on the projects you have done for them.

ask for reviews

Secondly, when potential clients see that you have worked successfully with other organizations, it reassures them that you have expertise in the claim. This would attract new clients to your profile and help expand your work.

5. Advertisement in email

Emails are the most convenient way of advertisement. Besides SMS, people are keener to open an email. Emails are a formal communication method that leaves a professional impression on the clients.

If you are active in sending emails, you should also add a link to your profile in your email ID so that more and more people know about your work. Don’t forget to include a small blurb about your design skills and work. That’s an effortless and free-of-cost way to advertise your work. This will help your colleagues and acquaintances know about your work. 

6. Meetups to get leads as a graphic designer

Networking is the key; we have probably heard this a thousand times. Going to such meetups related to your work, you might encounter someone with excess work. You can communicate with people and tell them about your skills; you never know if they might have something to offer you, maybe a client. This might give you a head start in your career. 

In such meetups, people primarily look for designers for personal or business-related projects. This might allow you to expand your work.

7. Networking through social media

Social media is not only the most important way of networking nowadays but it also helps the audience to relate with us. Nowadays, people mostly look for their needs on social media. It is the most effective medium of communication. Keep checking different accounts related to graphic designs; they might have something to offer.

 Like you can make an account on Instagram and create fun reels that entertain and teach something to the audience. Don’t worry about the number of followers initially instead focus and be regular with your content. You might have a small number of followership of your own. You can start by engaging in conversations, getting more likes, and getting the audience to relate with you.

8. Create your portfolio

A portfolio distinguishes you from other graphic designers and speaks on behalf of your work. It is the most valuable asset in winning new clients. Make sure to show your best work there and explain each project adequately. With an impressive portfolio, you can talk to your potential clients and will get a chance to win more clients. Also keep adding your best work to it because showing your work is a fantastic way to get more clients.

 A portfolio showcases your work to potential clients. It presents evidence of your relevant skills and capabilities. It puts you in the line to get clients. Put your best work into it.

9. Participate in design contests

Such competitions and contests can give you and your work great recognition. This helps you grow in your profession. It is an excellent chance to get more attraction and exposure. It attracts the attention of potential clients and gets them to investigate your work and get in touch with you. By taking part in such competitions, you can give a new eye to your work. Doing this gives you more ideas and opens your mind. It gives you more exposure, and you can get to know more people in your field.

It also gives you the confidence to start your work. This helps your confidence. Obviously, you can also learn about new trends and developments in your field. Show people your capabilities and learn something from them.

 You can share about this contest on your social media with the hashtags associated with the contest. This would also help people to know about your achievements and skills.

10. Freelance websites for getting leads as a graphic designer

These are places you show your work, set your fee, and hope clients come to you. Importantly, most people looking for graphic designers come to these websites for personal or business startup projects. Set your fee low to start, and you should be able to attract some interest. Upwork and Fiverr are a few of these websites. They allow you to meet new people and let them know about your work. As well as that, this is also one of the head starts of your career. Apart from this, when you have excellent reviews on your website, it will automatically attract the attention of potential clients toward your work.

To conclude, following these tips will help you generate many leads as a freelance graphic designer and an excellent head start in your career. You will hopefully end up as a successful graphic designer.

Best of luck.