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Sell On Amazon For Beginners, The competition in the e-commerce industry is broad, especially in Amazon. But once you learn the strategy and tricks, it automatically becomes easy. Amazon is a huge platform and is growing more than ever as people mostly prefer online shopping now. 

Before you start selling on Amazon, evaluating the market’s demand and sales potential is imperative. You have to devise a fantastic strategy to turn your time and effort into money.

To get started on Amazon, you need these 3 major elements:

  1. The right products
  2. Best marketing strategies
  3. Exemplary motivation to keep going

These 3 factors can give you a bright start on Amazon.

7 Simple Steps Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Here in this guide, we will direct you through the following 7 simple steps to start selling on Amazon:

  1. Creating a Business Strategy
  2. Choosing Right Products to Sell
  3. Creating an Amazon Seller Account
  4. Creating your Product Listings
  5. Managing Inventory
  6. Managing Fulfilment and Shipping
  7. Customer Reviews

Here’s a detailed guide for each one of these steps.

Creating a Business Strategy

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Before you start selling on Amazon, creating a business plan or strategy is very crucial because starting a business is no joke. It requires a pre-planned strategy.  

A business strategy helps you evaluate the market demand, your business mission, marketing, promotions, services, profit margins and analysis etc.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits of creating a business plan. You get to know the market trends, prices, customer demands, and competition; most importantly, you know your niche. It will also help you with your product type, sourcing, and marketing. Therefore, roughly making a plan for your business gives you insights and exposure.

Choosing Right Products to Sell

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Sell On Amazon For Beginners, To sell on Amazon, you first have to decide what to sell. And it is indeed the most impactful factor on your profit. For greater profit margins, you have to look into the market trends. You have to look for products that you get for less and sell for more.

An important piece of advice- Don’t go for seasonal or fragile products.

You can also look into Amazon’s Best Sellers List for more options. It is a very beneficial place to research and find profitable options.

Also, before considering products to sell, keep in view the following qualities:

  • Shipping weight
  • The sturdiness of the item
  • Competition
  • Category popularity
  • Wholesale price
  • Shipping expense

After you’re done with the product research, there are several paid and free tools out there to determine and evaluate your profit margins. Paid tools like Jungle Scout and Sellics also have additional features that help you manage your sales.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a pro to look for profitable products because Amazon provides all the necessary information and data about market trends and items with high sales potential and profits.

Creating an Amazon Seller Account

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

To start selling on Amazon, you need to create an Amazon Seller account. There are two types of accounts for the seller:

  1. Amazon Professional Seller
  2. Amazon Individual Seller

Both have their own pros and cons. 

Sell On Amazon For Beginners, Professional accounts give you far more features than Individual accounts but have a monthly fee of $39.99. Individual accounts have no monthly fee but charge $1 for each item sold.

Individual seller accounts have a limit of only 40 product listings per month. So, it’s ideal for low-volume sellers, newbies or sellers who are not planning to use advanced tools or advertise their products.

Whereas, a Profession seller account gives you access to more features and unlimited monthly product listings. It also gives you advanced selling tools and helps you optimize your product page to bring it to the top.

Most sellers choose the Professional Seller account because of its features. But for starting, you can opt for an individual account and change it in the future as required.

Creating your Product Listings

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Sell On Amazon For Beginners, The way you list and describe your product is a very impactful factor. The more correctly you list your product, the more customers will buy your product through Amazon. 

Listing your item correctly is one of the most crucial tasks to keep your product on top. With quality images, the best titles and prices, people will be automatically convinced to buy your product. To add the cherry on top, you can add some of your best customer reviews to your listings.

No matter how exceptional your product is, it will never reach people if it’s not listed correctly, as there is immense competition on Amazon. 

Managing Inventory

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Sell On Amazon For Beginners, A proper inventory management strategy is essential for any seller and its business, irrespective of the size of the business, which means that even if you’re a beginner, inventory management is mandatory.

It helps sellers to keep a check on their stock. Having everything scheduled backhand can help you manage sudden demands and sustain good customer service. 

Try to manage and restock your inventory correctly. It is compulsory for you to ensure you have enough stock to sell. You can use Amazon FBA for your inventory. You just have to drop your stock there, and Amazon will take care of the rest.

Managing Fulfilment and Shipping

Now that the difficult step of making a sale is successfully completed, the next crucial step is to handle and ship the product to the customer.

There is more than one way of doing this. Even if you decide to do the task on your own, it will cost you a good amount of work and money. 

But Fulfilment by Amazon(FBA) is hands down the best method. We highly recommend this method as it is reasonable and highly convenient. You only drop your product at FBA’s centre; they package your product, handle it carefully and ship it to the right address.

Customer Reviews

Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Reviews play an important role in your sales, as good reviews can easily convince people to buy your product. In fact, nothing convinces a customer more than a good review from another customer to buy your item.

Furthermore, Amazon also ranks products based on its reviews and ratings. When the ratings of a product are good, Amazon ranks it on top to increase sales and convince customers to buy it. Amazon ranks the products with four stars or above to boost their visibility and sales.

So, to get reviews and ratings from people, you can add a cute little thank you note asking for reviews with their parcel or send them an email. Also, building a solid social media presence helps to gain visibility and an audience.

Try to get good ratings and feedback to increase sales and profits.


Amazon is a broad and easily accessible platform for beginners and best sellers. But the competition on Amazon is fierce. So, you need to follow the right tips and tricks to succeed on Amazon. 

Once you start comprehending the selling technique on Amazon, it will be easy for you to increase efficiencies, increase sales and profits, and grow as a seller.

Follow the tips given above in our guide, and you will definitely succeed shortly!


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