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Is freelance graphic design a good career choice? It all depends on how you look at it. I will give you the low down and reasons why freelance graphic design might be great for your future. This article will help you realize “what is the freelance graphic design worth in 2022”

Starting in about 2011 freelancing took off, businesses realized they could outsource work that wasn’t necessary or important to them and save money in the process. The google trend graph shown below confirms the increasing trend of freelancing from 2011 to 2022

Freelance Graphic Design worth

The freelance industry is booming and many of the high school graduates from 2012-2016 went this route for a career choice. I’m going to break down the reasons why freelance graphic design might be worth it in 2022.

What exactly is freelance graphic design? Good question! A freelance graphic designer provides creative and technical services to clients on a project basis.

Time-is-money Freelance Graphic Design worth

We have written a detailed article on “What Does a Freelance Graphic Designer Do?” that can help you understand the job description and responsibilities of a freelance graphic designer.

As freelance graphic designers we work for ourselves and not a company, freelance is just another name for self-employment really. We do this because we want to make money doing something we love, graphic design!

Now the freelance graphic design has become more of a job than an actual career choice. Currently, some designers freelance because they aren’t cut out for the typical 9-5 office environment or lack of creativity within this environment.

Freelance Graphic Design worth

Freelance graphic designer not only does the work for clients, but also has a job of marketing his services to get more work and to increase his income stream. Therefore, it is important for a graphic designer to know about How to market yourself as a freelance graphic designer?

Some people can find it easy to become a Freelance Graphic Designer but very hard to find work and clients. Sometimes, it can become quite a challenge to find a stable income source as a beginner . That’s why to help you deal with this situation, our expert graphic designers have shared some important tips on How to get work as a freelance graphic designer

Why choose freelancing?| Freelance Graphic Design worth

The main reason to opt for freelancing as your source of earning is to make good money while doing something you love. Of course, there is added benefit of working from anywhere in the world and choosing your own time.

Many freelance designers have a passion for the arts and creativity, freelance is a good fit for them because it allows them to be creative every day. If you’re sitting on the fence about being a freelance graphic designer just remember there are benefits and drawbacks to freelancing as well as the standard full-time office job.

Good things of freelance graphic design: Freelance Graphic Design worth

Graphic Designers usually freelance because they take pride in their work and want to be able to produce higher quality work than a typical nine-five job would allow them, freelance graphic design is about creativity and talented designers looking for freelance jobs are more than likely going to produce these higher-quality graphics.

Freelance design can provide a better opportunity for growth and advancement in the field because you’re not working within a company, within a smaller market, freelance graphic design is more competitive and typically pays higher wages because there’s a shorter supply of freelance graphic designers than full-time employees.

Median-Annual-Wage-for-Graphic-Designers Freelance Graphic Design

Freelance can be rewarding, it allows people to get out of their comfort zone and do something they may not regularly do such as traveling or trying out new things. To provide you more insight information about the earning potential of a Freelance Graphic Designer, we have written a detailed article on How much do freelance graphic designers earn?

The bad news about freelance graphic design: Freelance Graphic Design worth

The only drawback about freelance graphic design is you’ll need to know how to market yourself in order to get gigs, why freelance graphic designers tend to charge more than freelance web developers is because of the freelance marketing involved.

Freelancing takes a lot of hard work and dedication, if you’re not willing to put in that hard work then freelance graphic design might not be for you. The good news is that freelance jobs can still be found if you’re dedicated and consistently look for freelance jobs. You can look for freelance graphic design projects/jobs on these Top 10 Freelancing Websites for Graphic Designers

As you now know…

freelance graphic design is a great freelance career choice and freelance graphic design is worth it!

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