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Whether you have tons of experience or are a newbie, there is a wide range to choose from in the graphic design industry. Like any other industry, this one also has different platforms to sell your creativity. Like all other freelance graphic designer platforms, these websites have their pros and cons, which vary concerning skill levels, experience, and rates. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a complete list of Top ten Freelance graphic designer websites to start making money online as a graphic designer.

Using these Best freelance graphic designer platforms, you can find jobs in your niche as these are the best source of making money online without investment. You get access to thousands of clients on these Freelance graphic designer websites.

Top ten Freelance graphic designer websites

The catchiest advantage about them is that it’s easy to build your profile, your portfolio with details, prices, and reviews. So there is no need to create a whole new portfolio website of your own from scratch.

Also, these don’t need any primary investment like you will need to build your portfolio website. Another advantage of these freelancing websites is that they handle the payments themselves. You won’t have to worry about how you will get your price and whether the client will pay or not.

Top ten Freelance graphic designer websites

We have covered the basics; below are the best freelance graphic designer websites with our recommendations for beginners and experienced graphic designers. The following websites will help you quickly market your ideas and creative abilities as a freelance graphic designer.


PeoplePerHour is one of the most general freelancing platforms for graphic designers. This freelancing website comprises tons of jobs and more than 35,000 graphic designers worldwide.

PeoplePerHour has a reasonable price and plenty of jobs along with positive reviews from clients all over the world. It has made PeoplePerHour our top pick for Freelance graphic designer websites. It is one of the easiest and user-friendly platforms and is secure and supportive.

Please fill out an online application form and get yourself approved to join it. You have to create your profile defining your skill, and you are good to go.

PeoplePerHour allows you to send up to 15 free proposals per month. One can select how to propose projects according to one’s availability. Either search for the projects manually or let PeoplePerHour Artificial Intelligence match projects with your skill.


Behance being a part of the Adobe family, works as a portfolio and a Freelance graphic designer website all in one place. It is a creative platform for jobs in categories of Digital Art like Graphic design, Logo design, illustration, and many more in the field of Digital Art. Graphic Designers can share their work to get noticed by the clients.

Behance is an excellent freelancing source because it is free and promotes networking. Furthermore, it offers freelancers the opportunity to form connections that lead to more work and other opportunities. Its members count to more than 10 million members overall on Freelance graphic designer websites.

Behance is more than just a portfolio website. It’s an excellent place for creative people to share ideas and get inspiration from users worldwide.

After creating an account, a freelancer can scroll through many of the design jobs available. Once Customers hire you, everything is up to you, starting from Project management to collecting payments from clients.


Dribble is also a leading community for freelancers within the niche of Designing. Like Behance, Dribble is a community for creative builders. You can build your portfolio. Get ideas and inspiration from other creators and connect with them. It is more of a social media platform, but it features to help graphic designers find jobs.

You can post your designs and illustrations to create your portfolio to display your work and get vast exposure to the millions of job opportunities available in the market.

You can post your working rate and find projects related to your pace. Dribble makes it easy to find high-paying design jobs. Still, you’ve to invest approximately 15 USD per month to get the real deal from this Freelance graphic designer platform.

You can “sell goods” or add a “Hire Me” button to your profile using this. Dribble also lets you have access to the entire project Board.


99design is also one of the top platforms geared to the design niche. Once you create your portfolio, this platform offers two options. Either you can join the design contests to win new clients or choose to work one on one.

When you have created your portfolio, 99design starts matching clients with you. Among all other freelancing websites, this platform allows you to bring your existing customers onto this platform so they can handle works like invoicing and management for you.

99design ranks you from beginner to an expert-level graphic designer by analyzing your portfolio. It shows you the hiring according to your level of achievement. You can apply to get bumped every 6 months.


Design Hill is also a freelance graphic design platform built specifically for designers with an extreme interest in design contests. Design Hill is a perfect platform because it charges companies a fixed commission with zero service fees for freelancers.

In other words, it is one of the few websites on which the cost falls on the buyer’s side, not the designer. It includes a Design Hill Printshop which allows a graphic designer to earn passive income by creating and selling products that feature their designs. You can charge fixed prices for your projects. You can also productize your designs services.

The platform works on getting you all the information about the project you need before you start the project.
After spending some time on the platform, you can also get PRO Graphic Designer status. Design Hill comes with a PRO badge with your name.


Freelancer.com is also one of the top spots for graphic designers. If you are getting into the niche of graphic designing, freelancer.com is a perfect Freelance graphic designer website for making money online.

First of all, you don’t have to get yourself approved with your limited portfolio. It is the most needed thing for a graphic designer who is a beginner.

On this platform, you can also become a service provider, which will allow you to offer productized services that make it easier for you to get jobs. There are many clients on freelancer.com, and it is the suggested platform for any niche, especially if you are a beginner.

Working Not Working

Working Not Working is one of the most unique freelance graphic designer websites for experienced graphic designers. This platform has its vetting process, and professional graphic designers can easily pass that process. After passing that vetting process, you will have access to high-paying jobs with multinational companies.

Fiverr now owns this site. It was created for and by creators. It is free for creators.

This platform allows you to specify your range of rates. It can be an hourly rate or even a day rate.
Working not working is one of the platforms on which every creator is 100% free. The platform earns money from client-side fees.


Upwork works for all niches and is one of the most popular freelancing platforms. While mentioning freelancing platforms for beginners, the name of this platform appears as well. With thousands of clients for graphic designers, Upwork is on our list of Freelance graphic designer websites.

Building your presence on Upwork gives you easy access to many companies looking for graphic designers.
Upwork itself offers certifications and badges, which help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, client reviews also boost you up.


Fiverr is also the most popular general freelancing platform. Design services of Fiverr make up a big part of their business. With this, there are tons of jobs available for a graphic designer. It started as a platform for companies to get their work done at a low cost. It has become a platform where freelancers can sell their services as products and offer gigs for up to 20,000$.

Just create your account and create a gig for graphic design, and BOOM, you’re good to go. There is no approval needed for any job. The buyer will contact you himself.

Design Crowd

Design Crowd is also one of the best freelance platforms for graphic designers. This site allows businesses to post their briefings onto the platform. Creative freelancers and graphic designers are invited to participate. They are allowed to submit their ideas about that project for consideration.

The selected projects freelancers can directly contact the business and get the edits and feedback for those proposed projects. This platform is suggested for experienced freelancers as it will be easy to generate creative ideas.

These are the top 10 Freelance graphic designer websites for you to sell skills and artwork. Wanna know how much freelance graphic designers earn? or how to make a freelance graphic design resume. Our site covers many freelancing-related topics.

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