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In the digital world, graphic design is an essential skill for one to possess for all kinds of creators across the globe. For a photographer, fashion industry creative, it is necessary to know about graphic designers’ tools. It is essential to get you to work in any industry. During this pandemic era, all big businesses shifted to online marketing. Hence, the demand for graphic designers has increased dramatically. Therefore, we have decided to provide our readers with the Top 5 Best Platforms To Learn Graphic Designing Online.

Graphic designing is one of the most valuable skills to learn these days. Many people who have the skill of graphic designing offer their services on freelancing websites and earn thousands of dollars. With the advancements in virtual technology (VR) and the continuously growing trend of NFT’s, graphic design skills are becoming more in demand day by day. Therefore, the trend of graphic designing skills is increasing continuously as well.

Suppose you’ve decided to learn graphic design and get into freelancing using this niche. In that case, you don’t know much about graphic design and how to learn graphic design. Even if you know graphic design, you’re trying to brush up your skills without getting full-time tuition. Then you are at the right blog post to get the guidance you need to get into this graphic design career.

We’ve done the challenging task for you ourselves. We’ve filtered out the 5 best graphic design PLATFORMS available in the ocean of the internet. This may help you learn graphic design and shine up your skills.

Alison Online

Alison online has a firm position in the world of certified learning. Its aim is to make it possible for anyone across the globe to study anything at any level. It is free, and you get access to many courses for free. Still, it also offers a premium subscription that unlocks its full potential.

Alison offers different types of courses, and at the end, of course, you get a certificate on a test basis. Study the system, get a hand on practice, pass the test, and be certified.

This adds a certified skilled person to your resume. But the certificate has its charges of 20USD for the digital certificate and 100USD for the hard copy of the diploma certificate.

ALISON has dozens of free graphic design courses. So you can join Alison at any skill level and start from that level. If you want to start from the basics, study the course or study a pro course.

The courses and classes on Alison are in the form of slides, so instead of scrolling through all information. The min objectives are filtered and presented to you in slides. But you have to pay 9USD a month or watch an Ad before starting a new lecture.


Udemy is another online platform where you can learn graphic designing. The introduction to graphic design course is accessible on udemy. It covers all the necessary topics, including the essential elements and design process.

The main principles of graphic designing and how to see a design from a creator’s eyes. The course description says that the students don’t need any specific software or knowledge about designing. In other words, it is the most basic course, and it covers all the critical components of graphic designing.

Once you’re done with this introductory course, there are many other free classes on udemy. This platform makes it easier to browse through them using the filters to show only the free courses. That’s why it is one of the best platforms to learn graphic designing.

Canva Design School

The canva design school offers lessons and articles on graphic design to help you learn graphic designing.
For example, a course at Canva design school is named “creativity.” It covers how to create and maintain your vision and style and grab attention, including only seven lectures.

Another Graphic design class at Canva design school is named “How to build a brand.” It covers subjects like creating a logo, choosing palettes, and creating graphics that suit your brand and its marketing strategy.

The lectures of this design school are in the form of articles packed with the most relatable information with examples. Using these articles, you can find some quick tips and ideas you need for your projects.


Creative live is another platform for learning graphic designing as it offers a range of courses for graphic designers. The complete courses here are not free, but many video lectures are free, which can help you gain a lot of knowledge on the subject. For example, the free video lectures here include “the colors and their relation” and lessons like” what can make a successful book cover.” These are the free video lectures, but you won’t get anything to read or any practice tasks until you buy the course

It is easy to browse the free video lectures here. When you visit a course page, it will show you all the related free video lectures in the suggestions.

There are two ways to buy the courses. You can either buy one course that will cost around 30usd to 50usd. Or you can buy their monthly subscription, which will cost you around 25usd and will give you access to any course you want. The payment doesn’t matter as the information they provide you with is worth it. The practice tasks help you gain a lot of knowledge with hands-on practice.


Courser is also one of the most prominent platforms to learn graphic design. It includes a lot of free courses. One of the most famous courses on courser for graphic design is the University of Colorado.
This is a course with zero fees.

In other words, you get all the video lectures for free. This course is what you need to choose if you are an amateur in graphic designing. Because it doesn’t require any previous knowledge of graphic design and is aimed at a general audience.

It also offers easy-to-understand and follows lessons. Teach its students most of the tips and tricks that help them confidently get on with their graphic design career. It includes free practice exercises that can be used to practice the tasks and get hands-on experience. Which can help you to identify and train your weaknesses.
A perfect course for those who are just starting in graphic design.

Visit these platforms, and here you will find what you need because these are the Top 5 Best Platforms To Learn Graphic Designing. Once you learn the skill, then you can start using your skill to make thousands of dollars online. In order to start your freelance journey, read our detailed article on How To Start Freelancing in 11 Steps 2022.


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