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Despite popular belief that one must leave home to earn a living, there is no such thing in 2022. It is no anomaly to see someone doing work from home. It is normal. There is top ten Freelancing Sites For Beginners And perhaps even the right way, if there is one.

According to the various censuses taken in 2021, The numbers have significantly increased. And yeah, while the COVID-19 pandemic remains the number one reason. It is not all about it. There is another
the reason, and one usually referred to by the term Freelancing.

Google trend graph given below indicates how the trend of freelancing has increased from 2004 to the Present.

What is Freelancing? | Freelancing Sites For Beginners

An ingenious way of selling your Skills digitally, without prior investment, that Not only ensures stable income but if done with the essence of hard work and determination would grant you a much higher ceiling to reach for.

Freelancing is an excellent way of making money online. Freelancers worldwide make millions of dollars and enjoy the freedom associated with working independently rather than being employed.

In this article, you will get to know about different freelancing sites that are the best in this business so that you can be safe from the trouble of wasting your time on spam websites.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancer can sign up as sellers and offer their services to the world. Fiverr serves nearly 8 million people on its network. Ranging from writers, designers, web developers, IT managers, and possibly anyone who can entail and provide a skill, the odds of earning substantial money there are very high. Freelancers can offer any kind of service on Fiverr.

Fiverr basically allows any user to create a sellers account and then create a gig regarding their skill. A beginner with zero level on Fiverr can create up to 7 gigs.

Many websites or business owners hire freelancers from Fiverr for their business needs. They are called buyers and according to stats, Fiverr has 3.42 million active buyers.

If you don’t have any skill to offer but still want to earn through Fiverr, you can make money by promoting other Fiverr gig’s and getting a commission per sale. Fiverr has a good affiliate program and you can use it to make some good passive income online.

Promoting any product is an art and if you want to be good at promoting any product online, you can check out this excellent course that provides secrets of viral marketing.


Formed in 1999 as ‘Elance’ and later renamed as ‘Upwork’ in 2015, it is the world’s largest freelancing site. It doesn’t matter which skill you want to commercialize there. Upwork has heaps of buyers waiting to snatch you for them. And yeah, you would have to fill up the forum first that would be deemed acceptable or otherwise based on your skill’s demand.

More often than not, you would get in, and you would be able to get yourself a first job in no more than a day. Engineered to work on the same formula as Fiverr, Upwork has a distinction in ranks in the commission system. On your first try, it would take a cut of 20%. But if you continue working with the same client, after 500 and 10000 dollar bills, the percentage would only find itself deprecating from 20% to 10% and then 5%.

It is heaven for giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple to find their next lucky picks. Upwork’s revenue for 2020 was $373.63 million. Upwork’s core clients are employers spending at least $5000 on their services. Upwork has a lot of core clients, According to stats

Upwork allows buyers to post their projects by setting up a job and then sellers (Skilled Professionals) are allowed to bid on them. Buyers can select any professional they want by seeing their bids. Many people are earning thousands of dollars from Upwork regularly and there is nothing stopping you to become one of them.


It is an online digital market founded in Pittsburgh by Inder Guglani to provide a platform and breeding ground for freelancers worldwide. Having a solid base of 1.5 million, Guru.com offers job opportunities in all niches to its users, from rudiment essay writing to complex building blocks of computational systems; everything has a market there, much like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can sign up for free as a freelancer on Guru.com and start submitting quotes by browsing through freelance jobs available. Guru.com makes it easier for you by identifying the jobs that match your skills, and when you get a client, Guru.com would only take a 7% commission (much less than both Fiverr and Upwork).


An Australian freelancing website established in 2009, Freelancer.com focuses on putting the spotlight upon indie businesses. With over 17 million people registered on its network, it has amassed international appeal and an audience of buyers and sellers alike. You would never need to curtail yourself there; with opportunities lingering in every corner, it would be about a matter of time. Based upon the same bidding model as Guru.com, all you would be required to do is to sign up and submit a sample of your credibility, and well, that’s it. Due to a meticulously crafted algorithm fused with a labyrinth of buyer’s library, it would always be a matter of time before any giant conglomerate would ring your phone up.

People Per Hour 

Legally known as People Per Hour Limited, it is a British freelancing corporation founded in 2007 by the duo of Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris. Primarily focused upon the same fundamentals as that of Fiverr and Upwork, People Per Hour has an extensive library of genres to be explored. So while you could be anyone with not – much – skills developed, there would be more than enough for you to make a stable income on their platform.

Joined and Recognized by a plethora of industry giants, as a freelancer, you would be able to commute and find job proposals with total ease. Individuals have been reported to make near 150 million dollars on People Per Hour. It is a perfect stage to begin your freelancing journey.


A global US-Based online platform devised to provide and nurture the growing generation of freelancers from all over the world. With an active following of millions of users on its network, Toptal has connections rooted in every major conglomerate on the planet, from Airbnb to Apple; every one of them has once hired through Toptal their next lucky pick. And yes, it has an extensive screening routine to go through; once part of the platform, there wouldn’t be a skill you couldn’t be able to capitalize. Toptal has opportunities on every significant front – software engineers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. Everything is possible.


It is an online graphic designing freelancing platform founded in Melbourne, Australia, by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz in 2008. It aimed to bring about a revolutionary change and flood of opportunities for computer artists worldwide. Through 99designs unique AI and a working method, you could manage to land yourself a hefty paycheck in no more than a day. Based on the same model as that of other successful freelancing sites, on 99designs, the client would put up the proposal while you would have to submit your work as a freelancer. A combination of premier tools and a cutting-edge algorithm, 99designs can open a world of opportunities for any inspiring graphic designer out there.

Flex Jobs 

A premium freelancing website developed to hone remote workmanship, Flex Jobs specializes in handing resilient job opportunities while creating a communal ground for its workers. Recognized by more than 40,000 organizations from all over the world, you could navigate yourself to get a starting line through it. And yeah, due to stale proposals, it might seem it shouldn’t be the one; fear not, job proposals upon it go through extensive screening before being up on the site. Everything is 100% legitimate.


An indie freelancing platform that offers jobs in multiple fields, although its main focus is said to be towards digital marketing and IT realm, with a bit of research and hassle, you could find yourself working for your desired sector. Established to provide opportunities to anyone willing to work hard enough, Aquent intelligent matchmaking and easy-to-navigate UI would only make easier things for any beginner out there thinking of making their name in the freelancing industry.

Simply Hired 

It is a Californian freelancing organization that posts and handles the posting of jobs frequently. Founded in 2003 by Gautam Godhwani, Simply Hired is one of the top online platforms devised in the last few years that deal with a variety of niches, from writing to programming to project managing; everything has room to improve and be experienced there. Following the same steps as industry giants, Simply Hired is also recognized by thousands of international firms worldwide. So if you find its communitive vibe not enough, The lingering possibility of a job at Microsoft or Apple would surely convince you otherwise.


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