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The key to success is not just getting a higher ranking but higher visibility too. In other words, you are getting more traffic to your products. Without any ads, I’ll describe a few Strategies to increase traffic on amazon that will increase Traffic On Amazon Products and will add value effects, so let’s begin.

Amazon Products Traffic

Amazon Advertisement Campaign | Strategies to increase traffic on amazon

Under this heading, I’ll share five strategies to develop a profitable Amazon PPC campaign to increase internal and external traffic.

  • Suppose the campaign is running out of budget. In that case, you are missing out on valuable data because when people get home from work, they shop more, convert more, and buy more. Therefore, you need to check the statistics of your product and spend wisely so that the campaign runs throughout the day.
  • Don’t pause the campaign to start over; this takes you to rock bottom, pushing you to start from scratch. The greater the data Amazon will have, the better it will work out. Many tweak the campaign; instead of starting over, they keep it running for years.
advertising | Amazon Products Traffic
  • Do reverse ASINs on your products. It helps to optimize the listing as well as helps to get cheaper PPC costs. Lastly, it shows you how to get to page one by showing keywords that top sellers or top-ranked sellers are using.
  • Always check the PPC conversion rate with the organic conversion rate. The formula is quite simple; orders are divided by the number of clicks. Usually, expensive products have a lower conversion rate, like 5% – 7%, which varies from product to product. 
  • Negative and positive keywords carry equal importance in the world of Amazon’s FBA business. In a campaign, try having more negative keywords than positive ones because the longer they run, the more positives will keep on doing their work. The negative will keep you away from irrelevant queries, saving up to 20% of the advertising budget.

Feedback Genius | Strategies to increase traffic on amazon

Software like this automates the email process of asking for reviews. You can create a campaign that automatically sends a reminder a few days after the buyer receives the product. It is the best way to build equity in your brand because a lot of equity is in the number of reviews you have for your product. To simplify, anyone can sell your product, but if you have a lot of reviews, investors are willing to pay big bucks to buy your brand.

feedback | Amazon Products Traffic

If you are a small business, you will want to create an email that makes you relatable by giving you that personal connection and emphasizing customer service. For instance, you can say, “Hey! We are a small business relying on your reviews to stay in business. If there is anything wrong with the product, please reach out to me directly.” Give them contact info so the buyer can reach out to you easily. Once the reviews skyrocket, the number of sales will increase along with the traffic, as buyers will get a sense of authenticity by seeing the number of reviews.

Stunning Video | Strategies to increase traffic on amazon

Another great tip to get external traffic is to create an informative video, user manual guide, or anything that is an explanatory video of the product to attract buyers. The video should be highly professional with amazing graphics that convince the buyer to click on it. Moreover, get that video on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and others social sites to get customers.

stunning videos | Amazon Products Traffic

The video’s thumbnail should be appealing enough that the person scrolling stops by and click on it. Add reviews or customers’ responses to the video to win the buyer’s trust. Although it will increase expenses, resulting in a lesser profit margin ratio, it will increase the number of clicks, consequently increasing sales. Lastly, you must ensure the video is shared on relatable platforms to get relevant potential clients. 

Blogs | Strategies to increase traffic on amazon

The last guidance or tip is to get advertised on blogs by either posting an ad, getting a referral link, or incorporating keywords or links within the blog post. Make a blog tailored to the product’s niche if you have a successful brand. In this way, the number of relevant clicks will increase.

Blog | Amazon Products Traffic

If you want to read more about blogs, then you can read our detailed article on “What is a blog, and why should you start one?” . The clicks or conversions rate and the ranking will increase as amazon notice larger traffic flowing throw the product. Lastly, more people will buy product and leave reviews, resulting in greater ranking and successful amazon FBA business.